The studio is all around you


Our Philosophy


Bringing the studio to the street, the street to the studio.

One of the ways we bring a fresh aesthetic approach and perspective to existing conventions is by shooting in ways that "pop" our content out of the scene and off the screen by bringing studio-like strobe lighting to street scenes and street outfits to the highly-controlled lighting look of the studio, placing street looks into the realm of the high fashion editorial. We also like to bring the street to the studio.

We feel that the use of this cross-medium techniques yields the most interesting results that are pleasing to look at while also making for the clearest and most colorful, carefully controlled presentations of the subject, background, and clothing. 

The benefits of taking the extra time to take this peculiar path towards fashion documentation should be self-evident. 

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Multiple Styles, Multiple Modes

But we also pay attention to conventions when you need to be in conversation with them. This is one of the reasons we encourage the use of our partner makeup artist and stylist, such that the photography can focus more on lighting/angle conventions you want and need for your purposes. We've got the actual experience in a variety of lighting and shooting situations, edgy pop off the page to minimalist natural looks,  from runway to studio, street to the wedding hall, we can combine mediums and styles to give you exaactly what you need.